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Marshall Stoller, MD, is a Professor of Urology at University of California at San Francisco, in San Francisco, CA

Ask Should I worry about getting a repeat CT scan in 3 weeks?


March 28, 2012 “I had a CT scan because of a kidney stone on my left side…the stone has left the kidney and it is stuck in the ureter…I also had an x-ray done …..and before the CT and x-ray … Continue reading

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Ask us: Struggling with cystinuria


In our “Ask a kidney stone doctor” section, we field questions from stone formers or their family members. Today’s question is about struggling with cystinuria. See other questions and answers or ask your own question here. October 12, 2011 Question … Continue reading

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Cystine Kidney Stones

Cystine stone crystals in urine

Classic “stop sign” crystals seen in the urine of patients with cystine urinary stone disease are illustrated.  Most cystinurics do not have these crystals in their urine but when they are present they confirm the diagnosis. WHAT ARE CYSTINE STONES? … Continue reading

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