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Obesity and Kidney Stones

Roux-en-y Gastric Bypass

Written by Jennifer N. Wu, MD and Roger K. Low, MD University of California, Davis, Sacramento, CA. Obesity is a leading public health epidemic with the prevalence in the United States exceeding 30% in most sex and age groups.1 Interestingly, the … Continue reading

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Kidney Stones: Why me? – From a Patient’s Perspective

patient's perspective

A healthy lifestyle: In some ways I’m a typical kidney stone former, but in other respects, I suppose I’m not.  I’m a female in my early sixties who lives in a very hot and dry climate.  I work full-time.  I’ve … Continue reading

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Cystine Kidney Stones

Cystine stone crystals in urine

Classic “stop sign” crystals seen in the urine of patients with cystine urinary stone disease are illustrated.  Most cystinurics do not have these crystals in their urine but when they are present they confirm the diagnosis. WHAT ARE CYSTINE STONES? … Continue reading

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How much radiation am I getting from x-rays for my stones?

Radiation exposure from medical imaging

Computerized tomography scanning (CT scans or “cat scans”) have revolutionized the ability of physicians to diagnose kidney stones and has resulted in the vast majority of kidney stones nowadays being correctly diagnosed-the important first step in planning the best treatment … Continue reading

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Can you use Google to track kidney stones?

Google searches for "kidney stones" and monthly temperature

Internet search data can now reveal where and when kidney stones are presenting in almost real time. In the past, gathering information on how often medical conditions (like kidney stones) occur required the meticulous gathering of information from medical records, … Continue reading

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Kidney stones and urinary infections

urease bacteria

Urinary infections and kidney stones can be related in two important ways. Infections can be the direct cause of stones or can develop in a patient with a non-infection related kidney stone. Infections cause kidney stones in about 15% of … Continue reading

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Kidney stones becoming more common worldwide


The bad news: Kidney stone disease appears to be increasing worldwide. In 2008, 1 out of every 11 Americans will experience a kidney stone at some point in their lives. This is up from 1 out of every 20 Americans … Continue reading

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Kidney stones in women


Women appear to be at greater risk of forming kidney stones nowadays than ever before in the past. Previously, doctors observed that stones were 3 times more common in men than women (75% versus 25% of stone formers being men … Continue reading

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