Medications to help pass kidney stones

Certain medications can improve your chances of passing a stone if you are experiencing an active stone episode. The most commonly used medication is tamsulosin (Flomax). Other similar medications used for this purpose include alfuzosin, nifedipine, doxazosin, and terazosin. In patients with stones, these medications relax the muscles in the ureter, allowing the stones to more easily and quickly pass.

How well do they work?

In studies of patients taking these medications or placebo (sugar pill), those on the medications were 1.45 times more likely to successfully pass their stone. They also required less pain medication and passed their stones more quickly with fewer return trips to the hospital than patients taking placebo.


101 Responses to Medications to help pass kidney stones

  1. Justin says:

    I have a 5.2mm kidney stone in the mid pole calyx region of my right kidney. I’ve increased my water intake till 4 to 5 litres a day. I’m taking various medicines like cystone, neeri tablets and apple cider vinegar.. I’ve been following this since the past 3 weeks.. I’ve just gone for another sonography and it shows no change… I’ve consulted different doctors here.. They saying to just continue the process… my friends advice me to have beer to get rid of it.. need to get this stone out!

  2. Joe says:

    I had a 4MM stone, after taking flomax 3 days , it passed. the pain was swear in the beginning, doctor put me on Vacadin ( don’t know how to spell correctly), but I took only Advil 3-4 days instead of Vacadin.

  3. Stone of 4.5 mm size in left kidney in lower to passed out through urine

  4. Arif says:

    I have passed a 1.4 cm stone and my doc said its huge and i need lithotripsy or surgery but i eventually passed two stones one is 1.4 cm and another one 8 mm but this was 2 years ago and now i have diagnosed with a 2.3 cm stone in my right ureter,no pain or blood while urinating, taking bome remedies so tat the stone will eventually break and i pass it again wigbout any surgery,

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