Diagram of ureteroscopy and laser lithotripsy

Ureteroscopy involves the use of a small flexible or rigid device called a ureteroscope to directly see and treat stones. The ureteroscope device, which provides a video image and has small “working” channels, is inserted into the bladder and up the ureter until the stone is encountered. The stone can then either be broken up with a laser fiber or pulled out using small baskets that are inserted into the working channels. The advantage of this type of surgery is that the body’s normal openings are used and no incisions are necessary. A photo of a flexible ureteroscope and a video of ureteroscopy with laser lithotripsy is shown below.

Diagram of ureteroscopy and laser lithotripsy

Flexible ureteroscope treating a stone in a kidney

Ureteroscopy often a good option for small stones in the ureter or kidney. Its success rate at clearing these types of stones is generally higher than that for shockwave lithotripsy. Compared with shockwave lithotripsy however, it may associated with increased discomfort after surgery, especially when a stent is required. Ureteroscopy also does  not always work as well with very large stones, as the small size of the instrument makes it difficult to completely treat and remove such stones. In these cases a percutaneous approach may be preferable. For more information on comparing the surgical options for kidney stones, see our comparison chart.


Fast facts about ureteroscopy:

  • Typical operative time: 1 hour
  • Usual hospital stay: Usually none, ureteroscopy is outpatient surgery
  • Average number of days before going back to work: 8.5 days
  • Average number of days before feeling back to normal: 15.6 days

Data regarding return to work and recovery from a study by Pearle and colleagues, Journal of Urology, 2005.

Ureteroscope closeup photo

Photo of a ureteroscope next to a pen


Video of flexible ureteroscopy and holmium laser lithotripsy in a patient with multiple large uric acid stones.

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  1. Don Thoreson says:

    My wife had a blockage last nov 22-no void for 2 days–went to emergency — catheter took care of blockage–ct scan showed stones in kidney and badder. Dr scheduled surgery. Has had catheter ever since–no blockage–never any pain. NOT EVEN WITH BLOCKAGE. I am 100% caretaker-caregiver. Getting along fine with catheter with nurses change monthly. Surgery delayed due to fever with cold and now urine infection. After reading above reports, maybe should forget surgery and continue with catheter. She will be 87 April 3. I am 89 May 1.At our age, should we risk full anesthesia and pain and suffering from all this and the stint? Help me decide!

  2. Michelle says:

    I have had this surgery twice – second time much easier than the first, possibly because of a smaller stone. Here are some tips: for any burning pain or bladder pain, start taking Azo (otc) unless the doctor has given another prescription (pyridium). I did not know to take anything the first time and was not prescribed anything for the burning/bladder spasms which can be awful. After the first surgery I had the stent removed at the office (no string), for the second surgery I removed it at home. At home was much less painful, although a little scary. I ended up taking a double dose of pain medication and then removing in the shower. A heating pad really helps with back/kidney pain. I have had three stones this year so I am definitely looking to figure out the cause so as to not have to suffer through again.

  3. Stephen says:

    I would like to share my experience with my stones. I have a 10mm stone in my left Kidney and a 14mm in my right. I have had these for around a decade now. I have not had a ounce of pain with the larger right stone and historically with my left I have had sporadic stabs of bearable pain. However during the last three months or so I have been having a intense really dull pressure pain in the left, with mild Hydronephrosis and nausea. My GP (general practitioner/ Doctor for those in north America) referred me to my Urologist who I saw Friday of last week 19 Jan and he took blood, checked my Prostate(I had blood in my urine) and arranged for me to have a KUB CT, which is booked for the 3rd feb and has placed me on the waiting list for a Ureteroscopy/fragmentation/stent insertion depending on the CT scan results. Previously i have had my fair share of procedures, including a emergency Bowel resection for severe perforated Diverticulitis (i have never felt pain like it) and was really very unwell, but i have to admit i am very nervous about my possible forthcoming surgery.

  4. Rae J says:

    I had a large stone in January 2015, After 2 stent insertions -one pre op to keep urine flowing, and one post op for a week to give my body healing time. When I met with the on call urologist, he said what’s barbaric is lithotripsy, and he refuses to put his patients through such unnecessary pain. So he lasered the stone in my kidney, scooped out the sand and it was amazing! About 18 months ago in June 2017, the pain was back with a vengeance. The urologist that was on call that time said he doesn’t treat female patients and if I drank at least 2 litres of water per day, the stones he saw would be fine. That’s a load of BS. Early
    October 2017, after doing much research on means, methods, statistics and patient feedback, I found the #1 top urologist in my Province (yes I’m Canadian). I saw the urologist on Oct. 19th, had a CT done a few days later and before October 20th I was in his office looking at the SIX stones in my right kidney. On October 31 I had a date scheduled for surgery to remove 4 of the 6 stones and would go under general anesthesia each time, November 7th to put stent put in and laser 4 stones taking the sand out too, then on November 28th to change stent and remove the other 2 stones. Then on Dec 5, check healing and remove the stent. My urologist (after I was under anesthesia) decided to laser and remove ALL SIX stones at once. I was under general anesthesia longer (145 minutes instead of 55-65 minutes) and the recovery is more painful, BUT, this means on November, 28th, I’m getting the stent out, and need nothing else done. Removal of the stent will mean no general anesthesia, no intubation, just some twilight sedation. I’m so grateful to have the top urologist, and grateful I live in Canada where I won’t get a bill or invoice for ANYTHING including pain medication in currently using.
    ❄️❄️ Something interesting, informative and helpful I was told by my urologist as well as many nurses and doctors is to use a soft ice pack in a towel or pillowcase on your kidney is much better than heat. I didn’t believe it at first, but OMG it works like a miracle! Try it!!❄️❄️


    • sNEHA says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Agree sweetie. I had that pain and could only last an hour in the er when sent there by family oc. Pain was intense and thank heavens for a wonder er doc who gave me lots of pain med right away. Surgery next day. Stent removal 10 days later. Doing great!

  5. Brian says:

    I had it done last year. 8mm stone stuck in ureter. Pain was unbearable. Opioids were useless although Toradol helped. Saw urologist who said I could wait for it to pass although “it wouldn’t pass in a month of Sundays on its own”. Not sure what that meant. But he said I was lucky. He only did surgery on Friday and was booked up but he had a cacellation for the following Friday. Went in with excruciating pain willing to do anything for pain to subside. Anaesthesiologist put mask on, said “have a good snooze”, next thing I knew I woke up in recovery (btw those people who say they wake up when put under are full of sh*t). Had real need to pee despite doctor emptying blatter and peed a ton of blood. Eventually went home pain pretty much gone, kept peeing blood but a bit less every time and then finally peed out a huge clot and pain completely subsided. 7 days after procedure went to get stent removed and doctor said I should have just removed it myself (yeah right). No issues since. Overall experience was rough but not as bad as others here. I think the key is to make sure you get a urologist who is confident and knows what he’s doing.

    BTW went for follow-up and he said two keys to not getting stones again are drinking 4 glasses of water a day and avoiding oxalate – especially spinach which has 10x as much oxalate as Rhubarb which is next on the list. Nuts, tea, potato chips, beets and bran is also high. Bottom line except for lettuce and broccoli if it’s a dark green vegetable avoid it. Apparently oxalate blocks minerals that are needed to avoid stones.

    • David says:

      I am happy to read your post. I got a acute pain attack in my abdomen and testicels 5 days ago during sleep. I started drinking water and thought my kidneys are giving problems as I ate soy proteins day before. A new attack came 2 days later. Ended up by ambulance in hospital. Went back home with medication and knowledge there is a stone. Day after again to hospital and waiting for surgery and stent which will be placed. 8mm stone in urethra.
      I am given every 4hrs painkillers and when it increases I get injections.
      Have been wondering why this is happening as I don’t eat meat. Eat load of veggies, eggs and fruits.
      But then I read your last view lines.
      Greens… I have been making liverflushes 2x a day and in between green juices. Didn’t drink that much water… have been thinking that this made it al move and you confirm…

      Thank you 🙏🏽

      • Karen Hunt says:

        If you form calcium oxalate stones, meat isn’t the problem. With this type of stone, yes, avoid chocolate, spinach, nuts, whole grains, and much more. You can find many lists of the oxalate content of foods online. If you form uric acid stones, then watch your proteins. Collect your stone fragments so that they can be analyzed to determine which type(s) of stone you form.

  6. Mary says:

    I never had kidney stones my whole life. Dec 2016 doc said my calcium vit d level was way too low. Gave me 50,000 mg once a week Vit D pills. Took for 2 months. Then on March 2017 I got my first kidney stone, intense pain, puking up yellow bile, couldn’t eat, sleep, just sat in chair hunched over for 2 days. Had bloody urine too which is what made me see urologist. Cat scan showed cyst on kidney, kidney stone in left kidney and another one stuck in ureter tube.?SP. Passed that stone in May. In the meantime, I had torn meniscus and had to have surgery July 17 2017. Passed two stones in grocery store bathroom day before surgery 7/16/17! Stones were long and size of rice and were calcium related. Two weeks ago got another kidney stone attack but not critical, no puking, just medium pain. Called urologist and I am having catscan done tomorrow 10/6/17 to see where stone is and how many more???? All these statements are making me very scared. I pray this stone is small and can pass on its own. Oh, and I have had bloody urine 4 out of 8 times a day peeing. That has been going on for over a month. The stone must be tearing me up! God bless us all!

  7. Karin Bentley says:

    this is why i am glad i live in Canada. i married a canadian. around july i got a a kidney stone. it took a bit for appointments but I finally got in. they lasered it and put in a stent. while i was waiting for surgery i got pain pills for the pain which was horrible. I paid nothing. I really feel sorry for all you folks that have to pay so damn much for medical, thats just so wrong. If i was still in the states i would have never been able to afford anything.

  8. Danny McMillan says:

    I had a rock as the Dr. described it since it was measured in cm. He said most are measuresd in mm. I had through the back surgery Friday and will get the tube removed in the morning. Very sore. Surgeon said it was about size of a quarter. In Hospital four days

  9. Pratik says:

    I have 12mm kidney stone. And I want to remove by laser operation. Please advise
    1. What is the cost of operation.
    2. And for how many days I need to stay in hospital?

    • Mary says:

      I have 11 mm… what happened? Did you have any procedure? I need serious advice. My doc is doing the whole uretoscopy thing and I’m not sure if it the right thing to do. It’s a staghorn and litho did not work.

      • Rachel says:

        I had a Ureteroscopy done yesterday on my 11mm stone and I’m very happy to be stone free! Stent is uncomfortable but comes out in a week. Good luck!

  10. Kelly says:

    I went into hospital on the 27th of June with excruciating pain in my left kidney I was urinanating blod, vomiting and drifting in and out of consciousness. I had morphine and was put on a drip I then had a ct scan which revealed a 10mm stone blocking my tube and the liquid in my kidney had become poisonous. They said I’d have to have it removed throughout my back. The next day I went for surgery when I woke up the explained the stone had moved so they’d be able to do the laser treatment. They had put a stent in to widen my tube.(I’m 5ft and weigh 8st) I was in agony I’m still in pain often now but not as much. I’m still urinating blood most days I’ve had the poxy stent in for 9 WEEKS!!! I go in for my operation tomorrow, but I think I may have a water infection. Hopefully they’ll still be able to do the procedure.

    Oh I forgot to say while I was in they found out I had E. coli. I’m going to my doctors in a couple of hours to check for the infection.
    Who ever suggested the heat pack I’ve got one on it now it feels fantastic

    • Joyce D says:

      Don’t wait trying to “do the natural way” you could end up very ill or even dead!
      I had a 9mm kidney stone along with other smaller ones….which I was aware of but never caused me any pain until one evening all of a sudden had the “drop you to your knees pain” that nothing would touch…pain med wise. Ended up in ER with a severe infection due to the fact the stone had at some point blocked the uretha at the exit of the kidney. ER doctors realized immediately (and test confirmed) the infection was sepsis and I was in a lot of trouble. Heart failure, lung infection along with the kidney infection was the result of the infection in my blood. This was early December 2017 and I still have the stent in place after lithotripsy procedure twice but most stone/s still not passed. Now I am scheduled for Ureteroscopy with Holmium laser and JJ stent. Hopefully this will take care of my stone problem.

  11. Laurie Graham says:

    Had the procedure today at Dartmouth Hitchcock in NH, and have to say many of these comments caused me more concern than necessary. Sure my throat is a bit sore as can happen with General Anesthesia, yes there is cranberry juice colored urine and some aching and twinging in my kidney. For those of you reading, you can have milder post-surgical experiences than experienced by some of the unfortunate folks here. My stone was 7mm x 5mm, which is why this procedure was necessary, as a stone this size could never pass on its own. I have had a stent in since July 20 as the stone appeared on a business trip and was blocking the passage of urine. I unfortunately became septic, so I had to wait until all infection was gone before scheduling the surgery to remove it. I was hospitalized for the sepsis in Charlotte NC as I had mentioned earlier, was on a business trip. Just want ppl to know. It everyone is unfortunate enough to have terrible pain, we are all built different I guess.

  12. Anil kumar says:

    sir this method remove my stone but after 7 days blood clot comes in my urine

  13. i terrible pain in my left back/flank area and had some nausea and vomiting in Feb. I passed it off as a stomach virus. Then about 3 days later, i could feel the pain migrating around my left side and down. I knew it was a stone. I started taking OTC Cytrex and drowning myself in Cranberry juice. On March 8, my urine was looking bloody and I felt like I had a 5 pound bag of flour sitting on top of my bladder. I can tolerate pain usually well and I never take narcotic pain killers. I don’t believe in it and ppl get hooked on narcotics and then move to heroin as a drug of choice. I’ve been using a natural supplement for chronic degenerative arthritis and herniated disk pain and it’s helping that.. When my urine turned bloody, I went to the urgent care clinic. I told the doctor I thought I was passing a kidney stone. I felt like I had to urinate 100 times a day and when I went to the BR, I would only dribble. I can feel my bladder going into spasms. That was what was so uncomfortable. The problem with a urinary blockage is the urine sits and stagnates. So I had a UTI. That doctor started me on Cipro for 5d and gave a sample of a bladder analgesic that turns your urine blue. I felt good for a few days, then right before my regular visit to my internal med MD, it flared up again, pain, nausea, vomiting, urinary frequency and urgency and 5 pounds sitting on top of my bladder. My internal med doc started me on Macrobid because I had staph bacteria showing up in my urine. I felt good for several days and started peeing buckets rather than dribbling. Then after the Sunday after Mother’s Day, I got sick in church, severe left flank pain where you have to grab your back. Felt like I had to pee buckets. I went running to the BR at church, could only dribble and the pain was unbearable in my back. I was recliner ridden all day Sunday. A heating pad to my back greatly relieved the pain and my husband had some Toradol on hand for the times he passed stones. I took 1 Toradol, got a little relief. The Toradol helped my arthritis pain. I took one more Toradol before going to bed, slept good and felt refreshed when I woke up on Monday. I got an apptment the next day with a urologist. He ordered a CAT scan which revealed a 9x5x5mm stone sitting at the UVJ, it stuck on top of my bladder. He said it can’t be blasted when it’s that low and recommends a cystoscopy to remove. I have a high deductible health plan. This will be costly and I already had to pay out of pocket for the CAT scan which was 1383$. The doctor started me on Flomax and I am light headed. I thought it was my imagination. I walked 3 miles at the track in the heat until I found out you shouldn’t be in the heat whle on Flomax. I haven’t seen any signs of a stone in my urine. I’m straining my urine every time I urinate, but not when I’m away from home. I guess it’s possible I could pass it in a public restroom without knowing since I don’t carry that strainer with me. I’m not in any pain right now. The CT scan also revealed a tiny lesion on one of my ovaries that I have to get checked out on Friday by ultrasound. The ultrasound has to be done transvaginal to see the ovaries. That’s going to be uncomfortable with a kidney stone causing pressure on my bladder. Can a stone 9x5x5 mm pass. the doctor says know. I don’t agree. If it traveled from my kidney down to my bladder, whey wouldn’t it travel the rest of the way down and out. Once they get in the bladder, most stones can flush out the rest of the way. The urethra where urine exits the bladder is bigger than the ureters that connect the kidney to the bladder . I read that the avg price of a cystoscope is $350-$3500. The surgeon said his bill would be approx $1000, that doesn’t include OP facility charges, and I’ll also be getting a bill from the radiologist that read the CAT scan. Kidney stones can bankrupt a person. There’s got to be a way to prevent them. I live in the kidney stone belt of the South. hard water causes them. Are there any agencies like the kidney foundation that can help ppl with the bills?

  14. PT says:

    I’ve recently completed this ordeal and have been thinking about leaving comments regarding my experience. I want you to keep in mind that this is a personal experience—it may very well vary depending on the person, gender, age, etc.
    Let me begin by saying that I had a kidney stone incident about 3 years ago. I experienced terrible pain in my right flank for about a week and was hospitalized but nothing ever came of it. I don’t believe I passed it but the pain lay dormant for a few years. My doctor told me this is not uncommon but I digress.
    In October of 2016, I started to notice my urine was getting dark and I felt very fatigued. I started going for X-rays and such and in November, they found that I had an 8.5 mm stone bouncing around in my right kidney. At some point, in December, it started to move into my ureter. The pain was excruciating once again so another round at the hospital and meds calmed it down. A few more attacks over the next few months and in February, I finally went for Lithotripsy shockwave therapy to try to break the stone up. It was only mildly successful but this experience was hardly a difficult one. I was put out and woke up an hour or so later in some mild discomfort but definitely manageable. Urinating hurt/burned for about two days. On my follow up visit, my specialist told me that he only managed to break a piece of it off and reduced the stone to about 6.5 mm. He wanted to try some other methods before resorting to a ureteroscopy and so we tried some other methods but in April I had another massive attack and was done with this thing. I went back in and told him to absolutely schedule me for surgery so as to remove this thing that was destroying my life.
    On Thursday, May 18, I finally went in for my ureteroscopy, nervous as all hell and not looking forward to it but with the knowledge that little else could be done to get rid of this constant pain and worry in my flank. Getting put under was an experience in and of itself—the way it is portrayed in TV and movie is quite accurate—you actually feel and hear and see everything slow to a crawl and then—OUT.
    I started to come out of it about an hour later in recover. My throat was killing me (breathing tube inserted must have scraped my insides), my mouth was VERY dry and it was incredibly hard to swallow. I remember having an immense need to urinate and the pain and burning was incredible. I told the nurse that I needed to pee or I would just piss the bed. She finally got a container for me to use and I pissed straight out blood. It was so disturbing but it did feel good to urinate though the pain and burning was next level. I was still in some shock so I remember breathing heavy and trying to get my surrounding.
    I had a stent put in as well so I had this thread hanging from my penis which every movement with it further brought on more burning and pain. Eventually, I was moved to another recovery room where I was given some juice (I can’t even describe how good it was to have some fluid down my throat—I was so parched). I urinated a few more times and was finally told I could go home.
    The next 3-4 days were horrendous. The amount of blood in my urine was very disturbing but even more so, the pain and burning was incredible. I almost broke into tears a few times because I was punching the wall in my bathroom so hard I thought I was going to break my hand. The drugs helped a bit but also constipated me which brought on another problem. It was absolutely hellish. After about 3 days, the pain started to subside but that stent was still causing me all kinds of grief.
    I finally had the stent removed yesterday (5 days after the procedure), which was another crazy experience. It felt like it would never end coming out—I felt like one of those magician props where the handkerchief continues to come out of a sleeve…funny now, but not so funny at the time. The good news is after about 10-20 seconds, that is over. It was almost instant relief though the rest of the day, I had kidney and bladder spasms which a little more pain med took care of.
    It is now the day after stent removal and I feel much better. I’m so happy I got this thing taken out but what an experience. My heart goes out to anyone who has to go through this. I did so much research on the net (though there really isn’t that much out there) but doing it first hand was another thing entirely.
    Good luck!

    • Kyle says:

      Exact same situation and experience. Had the surgery 3 days ago. Blood is gone. Urine is orange from medicine. Have the stent in till next friday when i need to get anothet lithotripsy. The pain after the uretoscopy wasnt terrible but was on meds too but the urinating for about 4 hours after was prob the worst hours of my life. Almost as bad as the pain in my testicles before surgery. Anyone been three days and my back and both kidneys are killing me. I had the surgery on left but both kidneys are bothering me. I know its a couple weeks of recovery but is this normal?

  15. Jim Nealis says:

    I had a ureteroscopy on Friday, May 5th – in both kidneys since I had 4 stones in one, 5 in the other. I was unconscious during the entire procedure, but awoke to discover I had a catheter that would be in me for three days, which was quite uncomfortable. I think it was because I have enlarged prostate problems, so Dr. thought it would help me urinate better, which it did. I had no pain whatsoever after the procedure. On Monday, May 8th, the catheter and ureter stents were removed. I felt great – but driving home from the removal, I felt a pain in my back (right kidney) area. It got so bad that when I reached my driveway I got out of my car and vomited. I had the oxycodone pills the Dr. had prescribed, still unopened on my table. I got one and pain slowly subsided after 45 mins. I contacted the Dr. – he said it was a typical post-stent removal spasm. I needed a mix of oxy and Ibuprofen the next few days. It is now May 15th – that pain is basically gone – but ten days after the procedure I still have lots of blood in my urine, which concerns me. Also, it still hurts a bit to urinate, thought probably due to my prostate. While the procedure went smoothly, the aftermath has been more than I expected.

  16. Stuey says:

    I’ve got to have this done soon, I am now really nervous as whilst the kidney stone pain has been excruciating, it seems it gets worse with the procedure from people’s experience ?

    • Jim Nealis says:

      No, the pain should be gone once the stone is removed. You will see a fair amount of blood in your urine for many days after the procedure. I did not have pain from the procedure – my pain came 3 days later when they removed the ureter stents. My right kidney/ureter had ‘spasms’ after the stent removal and I needed pain killers for a couple days to end that pain.

  17. Olivia Young says:

    I am 19 years old and I have just had this done on Friday 28th April, I had this to remove stones that trapped in my bladder passage I still have 6mm stones stuck in my kidney that will need further treatment. 2 years ago when I was 17 I had keyhole surgery to remove a kidney stone from my kidney called a staghorn calculus I had a stent placed in afterwards. The stent caused me numerous amount of pain and luckily this time I requested not to have one in and the surgeon didn’t need to put one in. I feel really poorly from this I am stuck in bed as I just have pain in my right side kidney and going to the toilet is so painful! I hope this is normal for a while? I am scared to go to the toilet! Does anyone know of any good painkillers or remedies that make you feel better? I am on ciprofloxacin antibiotics and I have just been given ibuprofen but these defiantly didn’t help my pain!

  18. I had this ureteroscopy done in Feb of 2017 for a three mm stone that was causing quite a lot of back. My lower back still hurts off on and the leg does too. Maybe they hit a nerve when they put the in I don’t know.

  19. Mary Ritchie says:

    This is a painful barbaric procedure. This so call small scope is inserted into your Urethra [hole you pee out]….Ohhh didn’t realize well, take a look at that so called ‘small’ camera. Surgery went seemingly well, then at home take Motrin, call Dr oh well thats why we gave you Oxicodone in case the pain intensified. Take the Oxi and Motrin. Every time you urinate its burning / painful and you go a great deal because of the stint. Three days with the stint and they lead you to believe it will all be over on day 3…Frig no! The stint comes out…they describe a small tube that allows the Ureter and surgical area to heal….they forget to tell you about the small coils holding it in place. Now with NO ANESTHESIA they place the scope back in your already tender urethra and remove the stint…as the coil uncoils and stint removed it creates further irritation. This ‘Irritation’ subsides in a day or so…. Well they omit telling you about the SEVERE cramping and pain like a horse has kicked your kidney that causes nausea and vomiting. Pain like you never had in life, Doctor just take the Motrin. Nausea, pain take Motrin now you vomit and that continues for hours until you end up in the ER……. Incision vs this torture…..INCISION!

    • Frank says:

      I agree but when they have to go through the back which is referred to as Perk you end up losing some overall kidney function. I had a uteroscopy last summer and the stent caused me so many blood clots that it literally caused a blockage in my urethra and I had to go to the ER. Worst experience of my life. Some resident who had never done this procedure before literally shoved a Foley catheter (the big ones) that was a few sizes too large in. He had to fight with it to get in. Now I have had catheters in and out my whole life… This was some next level shit. I was a grown man screaming in the ER. I went into shock and they gave me morphine 4 times which did NOTHING! to make matters worse, they weren’t able to get the stone out. Long story short the stone is actually stuck in the wall of the kidney. So here I am a year later about to go in for another surgery. This time though I’m at the Cleveland clinic which is suppose to be number 2 in the country when it comes to urology and nephrology. In any case if the dr can’t get it out on Monday than they will have to go through my back and open the kidney. It’s just scary because I only have the one kidney.

    • Bonnie says:

      Have you seen any stones pass? I’ve seen about 10 very small pieces of sand but was told I had a rock quarry in my left kidney so it’s been almost 2 weeks they took out the stent last Monday, just wondering where the stones are. I have to take pain medicine or I feel like someone is kicking me in my back left kidney?

    • Stephanie lemey says:

      I had a kidney stone the size of a skittle they told me i would need that same procedure. I told them good luck with that because im never doing it it sounds barbaric. I just left it alone its been 10 years now i feel fine. If i get any more i will leave those alone to. I dont believe in any of those bullshit procedures.

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