Diagram of ureteroscopy and laser lithotripsy

Ureteroscopy involves the use of a small flexible or rigid device called a ureteroscope to directly see and treat stones. The ureteroscope device, which provides a video image and has small “working” channels, is inserted into the bladder and up the ureter until the stone is encountered. The stone can then either be broken up with a laser fiber or pulled out using small baskets that are inserted into the working channels. The advantage of this type of surgery is that the body’s normal openings are used and no incisions are necessary. A photo of a flexible ureteroscope and a video of ureteroscopy with laser lithotripsy is shown below.

Diagram of ureteroscopy and laser lithotripsy

Flexible ureteroscope treating a stone in a kidney

Ureteroscopy often a good option for small stones in the ureter or kidney. Its success rate at clearing these types of stones is generally higher than that for shockwave lithotripsy. Compared with shockwave lithotripsy however, it may associated with increased discomfort after surgery, especially when a stent is required. Ureteroscopy also does  not always work as well with very large stones, as the small size of the instrument makes it difficult to completely treat and remove such stones. In these cases a percutaneous approach may be preferable. For more information on comparing the surgical options for kidney stones, see our comparison chart.


Fast facts about ureteroscopy:

  • Typical operative time: 1 hour
  • Usual hospital stay: Usually none, ureteroscopy is outpatient surgery
  • Average number of days before going back to work: 8.5 days
  • Average number of days before feeling back to normal: 15.6 days

Data regarding return to work and recovery from a study by Pearle and colleagues, Journal of Urology, 2005.

Ureteroscope closeup photo

Photo of a ureteroscope next to a pen


Video of flexible ureteroscopy and holmium laser lithotripsy in a patient with multiple large uric acid stones.

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  1. Traceywardle says:

    Tracey wardle I’ve been waiting now for have my kidney stones remove for two years and every time give time date to have them out they keep cancel the op

  2. Dave says:

    I just had ureteroscopy this morning for a 7mm stone. I read all blogs and articles (including this one) prior to my procedure. Based on most post, I was terrified! I even thought about cancelling my procedure because of the nightmare scenarios I read. I’m glad I went through with it. The procedure including post-op recovery lasted about 2 hours. I was back home about 6 hours after checking in for surgery. The most pain I was in was from trying to pee for the first time in post-op. Although a little painful (like a burning sensation) it was not unbearable. The doctor prescribed me hydrocodone 5-325 for pain and I’ve used it twice for a mild pain near my kidney in the back. I was mostly drowsy most of the day and just slept. Going pee was getting easier as the day went on, and by nighttime it was no big deal. I’m only writing this to shed some positive light on this procedure. Of course, everyone will ultimately make their own decisions based on gathered information. Good luck to all who are affected by these aweful stones!

  3. Sara says:

    I had a bilateral ureteroscopy for a 9 x 9 mm stone and a 10.5 x 3 mm stone 3 days ago. My surgery was scheduled for 45 – 60 minutes and ended up taking 2.5 hours. My left ureter was damaged during surgery, so instead of 1 week with the stents, I now have 2 – 4 weeks with them (one on each side). I was terrified going into the surgery due to what I had read about the stents. I am on day 3 post-surgery and am so nauseous that I can barely do anything. I am very uncomfortable from the stents – some friends told me that they were tolerable, but I wouldn’t say that these are tolerable… I’m not sure how I will go back to work. My only hope is that my body gets used to them a little bit so I can function. I have two little boys to take care of and I need to work. I can’t wait for these 2 weeks to be over.

  4. J. Beverly says:

    I have a 4mm stone that I was diagnosed with on 12/2. I’ve went to the ER twice because of the amount of pain. CT scan from 12/2 and more recently on 2/12 shows the stone has moved significantly but still awhile to pass. On 2/12 I also was diagnosed with a UTI which doesn’t help. I’ve had tolerable pain and urge to urinate and it’s so distracting. I hate having to take off work and having to go to ER because of this. Fortunately, I only have one kidney stone and my urologist is recommending a ureteroscopy. I’m hoping I don’t have to take time off work or have a stent placed? He hasn’t mentioned anything like that. I’m so afraid of what you’re all experiencing and hope you all feel better soon. Wish me luck.

  5. Moni says:

    Female – 23

    I had excruciating pain in my right kidney for a month before I was diagnosed with a 10mm kidney stone in my upper right pole of my kidney. 1 year later I had the laser surgery to break up the stone and then a stent was put in to sit in my kidney and all the way down to my bladder.

    My only other surgery before this previously, I almost died, so understandably was EXTREMELY nervous about this one, although it is “routine”.
    Truthfully, I was crying from the moment they rolled me into the anesthesia room, right up until I fell asleep with the sleeping gas. I was petrified.

    I’ve suffered from more UTIs then I can count due to a genetic problem with my kidneys, so I was expecting SOME pain after the surgery when I urinated.

    After the surgery I woke up really fast in recovery and was doing really well according to the nurses.

    I then went to urinate, and WOW, any pain from UTIs I’ve felt before was well and truly beaten by this pain. I doubled over in a ball of tears from the pain while in the bathroom. I couldn’t even squeeze out the urine anymore because my muscles just wouldn’t squeeze knowing the pain that would follow.
    I was also shocked by just HOW MUCH blood came out. I think it actually was all blood, no water in my urine.
    I was then attended to by nurses and ended up staying in recovery for an extra 3hours while I was given pain killers and Ural and made to urinate again.
    Again, I doubled over in pain. The nurses then checked the toilet bowl and said that it was more blood then normal but it was still normal to urinate blood after the procedure.

    I was then prescribed lots of medication and allowed to go home. Once I got home I went to bed and woke up every 2hours with the need to urinate.
    Each time I woke up I tried with only a few drops coming out. I thought this was normal as I had just had surgery and maybe it was just a side effect, having the feeling of needing to urinate constantly.
    After 6hours of trying to urinate I realized there was something seriously wrong and woke my partner up to rush me to the emergency room. I had previously done research and recognized I had the symptoms of Acute Urinary Bladder Retention, which is an emergency situation. It is pretty much when your bladder fills up but you’re unable to void your bladder. So your lower abdomen just becomes more and more swollen. It is a life threatening condition which needs urgent Medical attention.

    I was seen to straight away by the nurses and a catheter was put up my urethra and up into bladder to be drained.
    This was all done without pain meds as everything was done so fast the medication that had given me through a cannula straight away hadn’t kicked in before the cannula went in.
    Seriously.. it was sooo painful. Would have prefered sleeping gas before hand but due to the situation, that wasn’t an option.

    I was connected to the wee bag during my time in hospital so they could measure how much urine and blood was leaving my body. It was a lot to begin with but the blood did start to slow down over 24hours.
    I ended up in hospital for a day and a half before being discharged.

    Currently I am home and still urinating blood, but sadly that has become normal for me since this kidney stone appeared last year. The pain is still a 9/10 when I urinate and I have found focusing on my breathing is the only thing that helps in that moment.

    I am on lots of pain killers and medication that helps to open up the passages to help move the pieces of stone down and out of my body.
    I am constantly uncomfortable from the stent and am told I will be getting it removed in 4 – 6 weeks.
    Until then I hope the pain eventually becomes bareable as I would like to go back to work asap.

    I’m glad to read I’m not the only one going through this much pain, so I thought being a day procedure this wasn’t very common.

    I hope my detailed post can help someone, and I hope everyone feels better soon.
    Stones suck.

    – M

    • J. Beverly says:

      My goodness. I hope you’re feeling a lot better by now. Best to you!

    • Terri says:

      Thank you, glad I now have an idea of what to expect.

      I have surgery on Monday. I have a 1.7 cm, yes cm, in right kidney, and a 1.3 and below in my left kidney. Kinda scared.

    • niki says:

      Same thing happened to me and my doctor acted like ,he don`t know why i couldn`t pee ,stayed in the hospital four days.

  6. Nati says:

    I have 13mm stone and the doctor recommended ureterscopy treatment ….but am afraid to undergo z procedure was it painful???? I mean the procedure

    • Nick says:

      i had a 13 mm stone removed by ureterscopy. Procedure in early March 2017 removed 2/3 of the stone (2.5 hour surgery). Surgeon could not remove entire stone because of its size and density (calcium oxalate monohydrate). The first night post surgery was uncomfortable. Post surgery lots of discomfort when urinating. Extreme pressure in kidney when I urinated. Felt like a kidney stone trying to pass. Very uncomfortable. According to surgeon, the pressure experienced during urination is related to/caused by the stent.

      72 hours after surgery a large fragment of stone from the first ureterscopy began traveling down ureter. As u know, passing a stone can be massively painful. Had no pain meds. Pain abated after 4 hours. After stone passed I asked surgeon for potent pain meds in case another fragment passed before the follow up ureterscopy occurred. He refused, which infuriated me.

      I then went through the same procedure 10 days later to remove the remainder of the stone. Urination post-surgery not as painful. Unsure why less painful. Maybe because stone completely gone?

      Summary: prepare for two part surgery if stone is large and hard. Demand potent pain meds in case fragment passes post surgery. Urinating while stent is present may cause significant discomfort

      • I had a 10 x 7 mm stone took out uterscopic scope. It was hell! Took close to four hours, stent put in. Passed lots of blood til it was removed. Very stingy with pain meds and answering phone calls. I spazed the whole time and spent most of the 17 days in bed.went to get it out and the stent had moved upwards and it took longer to get it out with the scope. Made funny faces but never told me a word about this could be where your pain is coming from. Call if it continues.

        • What has happened to compassion? The rest if the day has spent passing a lot of urine and still watery bms!

          • Kristie Gangwer says:

            Yeah, I’d like to know what happened t compassion as well. This was supposed to be his second attempt to laser the stone; simple out-patient prodedure. He took off to his office; barely saw the guy afterward except watching him walk down the hall. Just a few minutes out of recovery, I started having complications which led them to admit me directly to the ICU! They had to call that doctor on the phone and chew his butt out because he just left me at the care of the hospitalist….I spent three days in ICU over this simple procedure. I don’t have a clue what happened other than the anesthesiologist told me in the surgery center:I was very sick and my color was very bad. They had to call in my cardiologist and they were talking about transfering me up to Toledo…this was serious! Now my question: what did he do to me and why did he run off and just abandoned me?

  7. Eberhard von Huene says:

    I had 6 mm stone stuck in the tube since 9 months and i experienced severe pain only twice during this time. I guess the stone tried to pass, but obviously could not. I finally decided to have it removed surgically. I checked in for day surgery yesterday morning, feeling great and fearless as I was told that this surgery was completely routine. After bypass surgery 7 years ago and gall bladder removal 3 years ago, i could not imagine this to be anywhere near as difficult. Surgery took only 45 minutes and I woke up in recovery feeling amazing. The nurse told me that I could go home right after I demonstrated that I could pee on my own. As soon as I felt the urge I headed to the bathroom to do my thing with my nurse in tow. Wow what a shock the pain was unbearable and very bloody. The nurse then verified my deed and told me that the pain was normal. I got home an hour later and have now been suffering having to pee every 5 to 10 minutes. Did not get any sleep at all. It is very useful reading all the comments on this site as my experience with this surgery is very much like most of yours. There is nothing routine about experiencing this surgery except maybe for the doctors and nurses. I am hoping that all this suffering will be worth it in the end. Good luck all of you!

    • Makas says:

      just came out of surgery last night. And as all mention …pain pain pain…when I use the restroom.
      Post surgery symptoms similarly to Eberhard:
      The nurse told me that I could go home right after I demonstrated that I could pee on my own. As soon as I felt the urge I headed to the bathroom to do my thing with my nurse in tow. Pain was unbearable and very bloody. Nurse said, that is normal too. I got home an hour later and have now been suffering having to pee every 5 to 10 minutes. Did not get any sleep at all. Iʻd say the pain during urination is 7-9 on scale. Still bleeds alot. I drink alot of water which is recommended. But I donʻt want too because of the pain of using the restroom afterward. The pain medz are not doing much. I guess Iʻll have to bare it! Omg…I wouldnʻt want anyone to go through this as I did. Just speaking the truth.

  8. Bill H. says:

    I started experiencing rear flank pain and nausea so I began taking 10-325 Norco which was saved from my last kidney stone procedure and saw my urologist.
    I had a Holmium kidney stone laser procedure 1/26/17 and a stent was placed under general anesthesia. The stone was 7mm. I was prescribed Hydrcodone 10-325 (Norco) again, Phenazopyridine for the urination burning pain and Cipro. There was blood with urine and for the first time in my life I found myself jumping out of the hospital bed due to stent incontinence and racing in vain to the bathroom. Too bad no one warned me. I pulled the intravenous needle out in my haste. There was pain in the kidney area as well as burning to the groin area during each urination, which lasted about a week. During that time I spent most of my hours in bed as I found sitting or certain movements would give an electric shock like pricking pain from the stent. Blood finally cleared up in the urine about 4 days ago and I had the stent removed today, 2/6/17, which was no big deal since I took two 10/325 Norco before the procedure. I don’t trust doctors when they tell me there will be a “bit of a pinch” so the additional pain killer was my call. I don’t think it would have hurt much without the Norco though.
    I have yet to urinate, since I have had burning toward the end of each urination to this day. I think if someone recommended I drink more water the burning would have lessened but I only read about that over the internet; no one told me. My stone analysis came over the internet today:
    Calcium Oxalate Monohydrate (Whewellite) 60%
    Calcium Oxalate Dihydrate (Weddellite) 40%
    I asked my doctor about any special diet but he is such a fast talker and did not get around to mentioning specifically what not to eat or drink. Guess I’ll have to annoy his staff about that.
    Shortly after the stent removal I began feeling less apprehensive about moving certain ways or sitting since the electric shock pricking sensations seem to have left; hope it’s not just the Norco.
    OK I just urinated; it burns but not like before and there seems to be just a bit of blood, so I’ll do what the Doctor recommended and give it a few days. At least the stent induced incontinence seems to have disappeared. Hallelujah. Amen.

  9. James M says:

    52 year old male.

    In December of 2016 I had a pain occur on left side. Having had passed a kidney stone in May on my right side, I knew what was happening. What I didn’t realize until a couple of weeks later is that they stone (9mm) was stuck in my ureter just above my bladder.

    The urologist said they like to give it a month before they go in, so I waited another couple of weeks. Other than the constant urge to pee and some minor pain, I was ok.

    Day of surgery…during preop the doc comes in to explain what was going to take place.

    Intention was to go through my penis and blast the stone. In addition, while in there, they were going to reach into my left kidney and remove 6 smaller stones and also blast a 12mm stone. Those secondary efforts caught me by surprise as I was only anticipating the one stone removal.

    Surgery was scheduled on a Wednesday at 1 and they estimated that I would be out of the hospital by 3. Surgery went for an hour and half and I did not leave the hospital until 5:40.

    I did have stent that went from my kidney to bladder.

    The next day there was a lot of blood and extreme pain when urinating. The pain was really excruciating in what I would refer to as my prostate area. I called the nurse and explained everything I was experiencing to which she responded it “was all normal”.

    The following Monday (5 days later) I went in to have the stent removed by the nurse. This was simply done by pulling on a piece of thread that had been hanging out of the tip of my penis and was attached to the stent. That, too, had be cringing and crying out “holy shit!” It felt like I was peeing fire. The nurse then held it up and said “whoa, you have a long one in there”. The stent was about 15″ long and was the dimension of an iphone charging cord. I went back to work and the rest of the day, I was sore….really sore.

    Tuesday I felt GREAT! It was like nothing had been done! I thought that it wasn’t so bad.

    Wednesday (now one week after surgery and two days after stent removal) I have this feeling like my kidney and ureter on my left side is “inflamed” for lack of better word – especially while sitting. I got home Wednesday night and all I wanted to do was take a couple of NORCO and lie in bed on my back.

    Thursday, there was still this feeling of inflammation. It feels like the whole urinary process is fine – no urge to pee, no blood in urine, no pain when peeing, etc. Just a constant awareness that my left side is “there” because of the feeling of “inflammation” accompanied with pain.

    Today (as I am typing) is Friday. I have a followup with my urologist this afternoon. I purposely have not taken and pain meds (even over the counter) so that I could have a clear representation of what to tell him.

    At this point, I am in pain (tolerable). There is a strong “knot” in my back and I feel as though I should be laying down instead of sitting at work.

    I just hope there are no unanticipated “issues” and that everything I am experiencing is normal.

    • James M. says:

      I had the followup.

      The soreness was to be expected and continued for a bit.

      There was some concern that because I was light headed and dizzy; even falling at work. So, the dr sent me to get blood test done. Results indicate no concern. I have an ultrasound scheduled at the end of feb to measure and make sure kidney is not enlarging due to improper functioning.

      On 02/07 I got back on the treadmill and walked/jogged 1.5 miles with no problems the rest of the day. 02/08 I got on the treadmill and ran 3.5 miles and that was probably a little too much too soon just 2 weeks from the day of surgery. I am in a lot of pain along the left side.

  10. rob fraser says:

    I had a rigid ureteroscopy, laser lithotripsy and basket extraction for a 9.5mm stone done earlier today…..It was a stone that had previously been treated with sonic lithotripsy and broke it in half – hurt like hell that (had to stop 2nd session half way because of the pain )but eased off and settled in bottom of right kidney.

    That was a few years ago, but last month started with some dull twinges and CT confirmed that the stone had regrown and made way out and got stuck……but in such a way that could still pass water with no issues.

    But today’s treatment not been the most most pleasant. they did the whole lot and left a stent in which I have to take out myself on tuesday…..So have this string hanging from rodger that careful not to tug. plenty of blood and passing water is like passing petrol after it been little. and add to that when feel full and need to go been getting light twinges from kidney, going to ride it tonight and see how it is in the morning…..pain wise not to bad it’s more discomfort – never gave me any painkillers but have my prescription naproxen and tramadol so ok on that front.

    Hope it’s all over for now, wouldn’t want to be someone I know who is a stone making machine…….think currently he said he’s got 10 plus stones on the go.

  11. Jessie says:

    I have had my kidney stones lazerd almost 5 weeks ago. I’ve been in pain all the time and have blood in my wee. Never agine will I have this done

  12. Steve says:

    Date: Dec. 11th, 2016

    Male, 29. 12 hours ago I was supposed to have had a 10mm stone in left distal ureter removed via ureteroscopy; however, apparently sometime between my initial diagnosis date and the surgery, the stone miraculously passed by itself…so I did not end up needing the laser lithotripsy. Ureteroscopy was used to confirm this). Not sure how long the actual ‘surgery’ lasted but I was informed I was under for 1.5 hours. I woke up with a painfully sore throat and throbbing bladder; though I was immediately administered painkillers (intravenously plus an oral dose of Percocet) after I had notified the attending nurse. So far the only pain I feel is when I pass urine–which, no surprise, is bloody. I should also add that I am on Percocet 5g/325mg, taking one pill every 4 hours. I am planning on giving the situation a day or so to see how things pan out, and if the pain is still as excruciating then I am thinking I will probably have to see a doctor about it.

    Hope someone finds this information helpful. Good luck to you all.!

    • Amber says:

      I just had this happen today but he said something along the line that the stones where in the outer parts of the kidney he couldn’t see. They were to big to pass on there own but 2 were seen on ultrasound. I think the pain is worse then the last time when a stone was found. I think there is more pain as he investigated the whole kidney to find them. Have a stent in place for 48 hrs

  13. Prince pratap says:

    What will be the cost of ureteroscopy,i have a stone of 9mm size in my lower ureter..

  14. diana says:

    Mid 40s
    7MM stone close to ureter
    Removed it completely thru’ URS
    Stent for one week
    No pain during, after or at the time of removal of stent. IT was no brainer.
    Was in panic mode and completely petrified but it seems, reading reviews above, that female anatomy makes it easier? Not sure. I had no bad experience

    • BDB says:

      Hi – did you have pain prior to your surgery? My 7MM is in the upper pole of my kidney, likely in an upper pole infundibulum. I’ve had pain but no blockage. My urologist recommends Ureteroscopy and Laser Lithotripsy, I will have a stent. The only issue is if he can’t get through my ureter because it’s too small – in which case he’d have to stent me for 2 weeks to dilate the ureter and then go back in and laser. I am terrified but don’t want to wait for it to try to travel at some point as I’m certain I will never pass it. Super scared about the stent. I am female. :(

      • BDB says:

        Oh and my doc said he’d sedate me to remote the stent with no problem. :)

        • George-Whittaker says:

          Hi bob

          How’s it keeping up! I felt the same having all sorts off thoughts going through my mind however I got too the point where I have less fear than first time around. Anyhow I currently have a stent in because tube was too narrow too get all the way! I’m do for a pre op this Wednesday and ready for round 2. My 7mm stone was lazered and I felt great until it was done less than a week later again as stone broke in half and is jammed however no pain just tired, down because I know it’s causing me problems and it shouldn’t be in me so the sooner it’s out the sooner hopefully my kidney can heal up and I can get back too myself. I don’t even notice the stent in too be honest aslong a your drinking more and more water than ever! Now there is times I don’t think I do drink enough fluid and them days I feel really tired but getting the hang of things now peeing 100 times aday and drinking loads. I ain’t going too bull you the worse part for me was the catheter comming out and having that first pee nearly fainted but it gets better the more you drink an go too toilet you’ll be fine mate. By the way the stent I have in from day one was like a energy burst so widen the tube was all I needed next is too get the dam stones out

          Keep us posted though bob and i shall certainly reply too your comments

    • Norys says:

      I just had a 7mm removed and a stent in place I’m in alot of pain and the percocet doesn’t take the pain away and going to the bathroom is the worse

  15. Dave says:

    I had a ureteroscopy two weeks ago on 10/18 and since this site and all the comments helped me prepare for it, I thought to share my own experience.

    I’m a 47 year old male. After enduring chronic abdominal pain for over two years and going through many tests related to gastro/digestion, it was discovered through a CT Scan that I had a 17mm x 7mm stone in my left kidney. The stone at 5mm had been seen in a previous scan a year earlier but my doctor brushed it off and said “you can pass that – let’s just watch it”, and the focus on the GI tract continued, despite me even starting to have typical kidney flank pain on my left side. Very frustrating, but even the urologist/surgeon who did the ureteroscopy didn’t think my abdominal pain was caused by or related to the stone in my kidney.

    By the time the surgery was scheduled, I was having daily gut, flank and back pain on my left side. The only thing that would help the pain was marijuana, and luckily here in Oregon it is now legal.

    The ureteroscopy was an “out patient” surgery, and as people in these comments say, it’s better to prepare to recover for it like you would for a regular surgery. Just being completely knocked out on general anesthesia is tough to bounce back from. For me, it took about 4 days to really want to get out of bed. Luckily my ureteroscopy went as planned. The stone was broken up and two large pieces had to be removed with a basket. A stent was placed. The first time I urinated after the surgery was awful and I experienced a LOT of pain while urinating and for about five minutes afterwards. The pain was in my lower left back, flank, pelvis and penis. Basically it was the whole route from kidney to exit. As others have indicated, having robust pain medication makes a difference. As a result of my pain, it was considered whether I should stay overnight. I ended up going home and that was the right call. Urinating for the next day was very painful, but I could tell it was reducing each time I went. The first night was rough though.

    Other than pain when urinating, I just felt crummy from the anesthesia, the drugs, the stent, and having things pushed and pulled through tight spaces. I slept as much as I could although I woke up having to urinate nearly every hour. I drank as much water as I could and while that made me urinate more, I think it helped. As time passed, the pain while urinating reduced to where it was more of just temporary discomfort in my lower left back. I found that sitting felt better than standing.

    As the haze of the surgery and pain pills wore off, the stent became more bothersome. In addition to making me feel like I constantly had to urinate, the tip of my penis hurt (or burned). I was glad to read online that this is common and starting take the over-the-counter Azo. It helped although it turns your urine bright red/orange, and it’s recommended that you only take it for 2 or 3 days in a row. I was also still taking Flomax (Tamsulosin .4 mg), Oxybutynin Chloride 5 mg (for relaxing bladder), and Trimethoprim 80mg.

    While the stent was scheduled to be in for 2 weeks, I persuaded the doctor to get it removed after one week by explaining how much it was bothering me. An X-ray was taken and we could see that some stone pieces were still in my kidney. The urologist thought it was several broken stones 1mm or less, and that they would pass once the stent was out. Having the stent removed was not fun. I asked for a sedative but it was not strong enough to make much difference. Getting the camera and grabber up into the bladder made me gasp and there was momentary pain. The stent was grabbed and pulling everything back out was equally uncomfortable and painful. The whole process took about 3 minutes, and I was very glad for it to be over. I was ok at first but about 45 minutes later the dull pain in my flank, pelvis, and penis became almost unbearable. I iced my groin, heated by back, took some pain pills, and then slept it off. When I awoke I felt much better.

    The next day I could tell having the stent out made a huge difference. I felt much more like myself again. I was still pretty tired though. I went back to work 6 days after the surgery but couldn’t last a full day the first few days back. It’s now a little over two weeks since the surgery. I feel really good and have no lingering effects. And the best news is that I haven’t had any abdominal, flank or back pain since the day after the stent came out.

    My goal now is to try to get the remaining stones passed. If some or all have passed already I don’t know it. After reading how effective roller coasters are at releasing stones in your kidney, I plan on hitting the local indoor waterpark and seeing if the water slides can do the trick. Also the stone I had was the typical calcium oxalate, and so I’m looking at diet choices to help reduce the chances of more stones.

    When I first read through all the comments here I got really concerned about doing the ureteroscopy and wondered if I’d be better off getting the percutaneous procedure. But with hindsight the ureteroscopy was likely the right one for me. Thanks to everyone for contributing to this site. It really helped me. Good luck to each of you!

    • Njmd says:

      Thankyou for your comment,I found it very helpful I am a 53 year old female who had my stone lesered and stent inserted yesterday I am at home with me and I am to have stent removed in a wk.So far so good, hurts like hell to pee but nothing compared to pre op pain

  16. George-Whittaker says:

    35yr old male, Crohn’s disease since age 11!. Now crohns and. Stone development are linked I guess due too diet and certainly isn’t nice having both giving me troubles. Now I was complaining for a longtime from pain. Certainly listened. Too me in the end and found a 7mm ish stone ! Finally had lithotripsy which was great first time around then came the second blast which has made me feel awfull but no pain. Had a ct scan which did show the stone broke in two ! A piece in kidney and 1 in the tube which no pain whatsoever! I’m constant tired though, out off breath after a short gym sesh, feeling iychy and peeing bucket loads. Just had my pre op today and they shall be going down the jap within weeks too grab these bits! Now I’m not a big fan off hospitals however it’s gotta be done and ayy your a man shooting from it so be a man and have something shot up it lol best I trim and make things look pretty haa!

    Serious note: I’m just glad it was stone pain at the beginning and not something else from crohns! Certainly had woken me up even though I had a pretty good diet! A shot off Apple cider vinegar aday, grapefruit flesh, squeeze abit off lemon will do you wonders!

    I shall report back with an update as soon as I’ve woken and the nurses has stoppe taking selfies lol 😉

    • George-Whittaker says:

      I’m in tomorrow folks 7:30am and I shall make an update as soon as I have come around from surgery! Abit shakey at first building up too my op day however I’ve got too the point where “carry on do as you please” still in no pain whatsoever even though I’ve a stone stuck. Maybe it’s because I’ve gone through the pain at first when seeking help and you just get used too it after a while! I’m in good hands I heard this surgeon is the best in southwales. Will update tomorrow 😉

      • George-Whittaker says:

        Right I’m home from hospital for now! Surgeon couldn’t get through the tube and kidney area as was too narrow so a stent is in place which I’m feeling better with it in (suppose tube needs widening) the catheter was removed late last night very unpleasant feeling having it in, pulled out and the first urine passing well say no more however it does get better the more you go so I suggest getting the water down you! Now I’m booked in in roughly 5 weeks for the stent too be out hopefully I’d of passed the stones by then and doc can view my kidney that day! Hospital staff are great and liked after well!! Get some paracetamols in you too calm the discomfort while the stent is there but isn’t that bad afterall of you can tolerate passing and stuck stones you can handle a stent! It’s been nearly 12 hours since the catheter was out and in already passing clearer Urine than the first! I shall comment again next time I’m in and update my post. It isn’t as bad as people make it out and you’ll feel better from having it done! I haven t experienced any shortness breath since which is looking good 😉

  17. Robert Hill says:

    It seems that questions and comments go unanswered by the owners of this forum. Bet they never even look in on it anymore.

    For those who want answers, this place the guy answers. May be the next day, but he does. Check it out!


    • Condy says:

      I have suffered for a month with a kidney stone. Several trips to ER and 5 CT scans. Every time sent home with pain meds and antibiotics. I was told should pass any day well today I had surgery the stone was wedged and laser was used , stent placed in for 7 days. I am bleeding and dread going to urinate because of the pain. Can someone please tell me how long this will last?

      • Jason Valentink says:

        I would like to know too
        Just got back from the hospital yesterday and I keep urinating blood…

        • Jac says:

          4 days out and i am still in pain. My doctor said my large stone was “angry” and the stent must stay in 2 weeks for my kidney to heal.
          I am not sure i can last that long..
          my urine no longer stings, but my kidney and bladder are painful. I am hoping that each day it will get better, so far not the case.

  18. Daniel Brewington says:

    I had a ureoscopy in Jan. they told me that i had four stones and it would take about an hour. I woke up almost four hours later and they told me I had over 10. Here it is 8 months later and I have passed three stones with two weeks with a horrible amount of pain. I am scared to use the restroom knowing that any second I could be going through the worst pain I ever felt

  19. Robert Hill says:

    8.5 days before going back to work? 16.5 before feeling normal. My doctor said nothing about limitations at all. I’m going back tomorrow, four days after the procedure.

    I wonder about one thing though. He mentioned something about scar tissue, but did not specify where. On Friday, the day after, I jacked one out, normal except I peed blood for several hours after.

    Today, Sunday the 11th, did the same, with the same results.

    Why would my urologist not mention abstaining from sexual activity if it is harmful to the recovery? He mentioned no limitations at all. Did he assume, that because I’m 55, I don’t do such things anymore? False assumption, I assure you. I do it at least twice in any given 24 hour period. Sometimes three times. Still feels the same at 55, as it did in my 20’s. Still the same amount at the end as well.

    If the scar tissue he mentioned is at, or around my prostate, and will prevent me from enjoying sexual release the rest of my days, I’m outta here soonest. I can live without a lot of things. That is not one of them.

  20. Robert Hill says:

    Well, tomorrow is the big day. Can’t wait! Right!! It’s got to be done. Got all the pre-op stuff done today. Sister is taking me and bringing me home. I’m assured that everyone who has undergone this at the facility I’m having it done at has had no pain issues at all. I’m told I won’t even know the stent is in there, except for having to sign a form acknowledging my knowing it’s there. 😉

    • Piper Pierce says:

      I hate to say this but I just got home from having stone removed and I can barely breath I am hurting so badly. My doc forgot to leave a pain script and it is too late to get one. Thanks to the freaking drug addicts.

    • Toni says:

      lol ohdear, who told you the stent doesnt hurt must be on drugs or the biggest liar to walk the planet. Ive had mine in for three months, each step is like someone getting a knife in my bladder and stabbing me. At the moment, i have a fragment of a stone stuck and i cant even walk any more without tremendous pain. Roll on my next op and removal of stent!

  21. Robert Hill says:

    I have a 9mm stone stuck in my right ureter not too far from my kidney. Having this procedure done Thursday September 8th 2016. After all the reading, not looking forward to it one bit. But I really don’t have much choice, the stone has apparently been there since I felt the pain in mid July. When I tried to get an appointment with my urologist, I had to wait until August 30th, a frickin month and a half. I now have Severe Hydonephrosis, my kidney is all swollen up as is my ureter. Told I may end up losing the kidney, even after the procedure is done. They’re going to place a stent, which I don’t like. But my dad just had one removed, and he said it didn’t bother him the slightest. Hope it’s the same for me. But who the h-e-double-toothpicks knows.

  22. Yean Loon says:

    Pain in my left flank started 23rd July. Went to hospital and initial diagnosis was Renal Colic. X-rays proved inconclusive. Given painkillers and left. Follow-up appt 3 weeks later. Urologist asked a few questions and scheduled a CT scan in 5 weeks. And an appt with him 2 weeks later. All this while, not much pain, but on 2 occasions saw blood in urine.
    Decided to get a 2nd opinion.

    The 2nd urologist found a 6x3mm stone in my right ureter on the 20th Aug. It was weird cuz all my pain has been on the left side. Doc recommended surgery saying the area around the ureter was swollen and i probably won’t be able to pass out the stone by myself. Scheduled ureteroscopy on 25th and after the surgery, he couldn’t find the stone!

    Anyone has any thoughts?

  23. Janie Dotson says:

    I had 6mm stone removed July 26th, no stent thankfully, this is my 3rd stone removal. Went for my final recheck on 08/15/16, told doc I felt like I had uti, he said, no my urine was clear. 1:10 pm that day, I was passing blood and clots in my urine the size of dimes, with severe burning, painful, and frequent urination. Finally heard back from doc today, got script for ciproflaxin for possible infection, but they are stumped on the blood clots, thought maybe it was caused by my procedure 3 weeks ago. Any ideas?

  24. Mike Frost says:

    I had the Ureterostomy on 7/23 and without reservation, the worst pain I have ever felt time 10. I recommend that you stay one night at the hospital with an experienced staff in post Kidney stone pain management. I also had a tremendous amount of blood. After about 2 to 4 hour post op with the excruciating pain they placed a catheter. Oh what a relief, but still more blood, and then the pain came back. Not quite as bad but in continual spasms that I still rate at the 10 level. As I got through the night the pain went from 10 to 8 to 5 and still a lot of blood. I ended up staying two more nights to make sure there were no other complications and to manage the pain. I will have the stent removed in about eight days. I wonder if there are “old” fashioned type stents because I have read about the one you can remove yourself. Even though I hear some say it is easy and not overly painful, I am concerned.

  25. Rob Riddel says:

    Date: 7/24/16.
    I am a 55 year old male. I had a 6mm x 10mm stone removed 5 days ago with laser treatment and then they installed a stent. My procedure lasted 70 minutes. They sent me home with prescriptions (Morphine for pain), but it was so late to have them filled, the pharmacy where I lived was closed. So I relied on taking left over oxycodene pills I had from my ER visit a few days before the surgery. Big mistake. The pain I experience after the surgery was 5 times greater than the actual kidney stone pain. The burning during urination was so bad, I panicked every time I had to urinate. Today is day 5 and I feel fine. I have to have the stent removed in a week from now. I am not looking forward to that. Drink plenty of water. One thing I have to mention that helped me with the pain. The first night after my surgery was the worst ever. Up all night. I used heat patches on my back to alleviate the pain. It worked for me somewhat. I recommend trying these options because they worked for me. I downloaded an app on my cell phone that reminds me to drink a glass of water. Works great. Good luck all.

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