Everything you need to know as a new stone former in 8 minutes from Yahoo’s David Pogue

Being a new kidney stone former can be a frightening and confusing experience. Even if you manage to get medical care promptly, you may be left with a number of unanswered questions: What are your options for treatment? What should you expect during and after treatment? How you can prevent a stone from ever forming again?

Looking online it can be hard to find a trusted answer and while your urologist may provide you medically reliable information, let’s face it – not all doctors are great at translating medical information into something that’s easy to understand as a patient.

To help new stone formers in need, David Pogue, a noted technology news reporter from Yahoo, and himself a KidneyStoner, recently created a “user’s guide” for new kidney stone patients. He says he wrote it because when he was a new stone former, he wished he had an article just like it he could read. You’ll learn everything you need to know as a newbie in his 8 minute video. You can find it below.

We think it’s great. Accurate, easy to understand, and entertaining at the same time. Also, if you watch to the end you’ll see a small shout out to the KidneyStoners community. When you’re done with the video, you can read more in his full “Your kidney stone: A user’s guide” post.

David Pogue's Kidney Stone Video


About Dr. Mike Nguyen

Mike M Nguyen, MD, MPH, is a urologist and an Associate Professor of Clinical Urology at the Keck School of Medicine of USC in Los Angeles, CA. He specializes in the treatment of kidney stones with both surgery and dietary prevention and the in the treatment of kidney and prostate cancer using the latest robotic surgical approaches. He sees patients at clinics located in Los Angeles, Pasadena, and La Canada, CA. He is the founder of the www.KidneyStoners.org website.
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3 Responses to Everything you need to know as a new stone former in 8 minutes from Yahoo’s David Pogue

  1. Denniscamarao144@yahoo.com says:

    I liked that video of 8 minutes on kidney. Simple and informational.

  2. scott says:

    Im having a lithotripsy procedure done next week. my stone is 15MM in left. kidney. its not in ureter yet so dr. said because its less than 2cm he could break it up and not need stent which im terrified of hearing stories of stents.im having pain on left side back area. is that possible if its not in ureter yet. will this work and be able to pass the dust easy once its blasted>

  3. mandy age 19 yr says:

    kidney stone 4.5 mm

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