Kidney stone gallery

We’ve gathered a collection of kidney stone pictures in this photo gallery. The stones include small passed stones up to large staghorn stones. Stone composition (or type) is indicated when available.

Photo of kidney stone fragments

3 stone fragments that were removed during percutaneous surgery.

Photo of calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate kidney stone

A 7 mm stone successfully passed by a patient. Comprised of calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate.

Photo of calcium oxalate kidney stone fragments

Fragments of an orginally 1.1 cm stone treated with laser lithotripsy and removed during ureteroscopy. Comprised of calcium oxalate.

Photo of kidney stones removed percutaneously

A 1.4 cm and a 5 mm stone removed percutaneously from a kidney.

Photo of carbonate apatite kidney stones

Collection of carbonate apatite stones removed percutaneously from a kidney.

Photo of uric acid kidney stones

2mm and 4mm uric acid stones removed with ureteroscopy.

multiple kidney stones







Multiple large smooth kidney stones removed percutaneously from a single kidney. Largest stone measures 1.2 cm in size. Analysis demonstrated 70% calcium oxalate monohydrate and 30% calcium phosphate.








Multiple small kidney stones with the appearance of bird seed. Removed with ureteroscopy from a single kidney. Largest stone measured 4mm in size. Analysis demonstrated 85% calcium oxalate monohydrate and 15% calcium phosphate.

Photo of large bladder stones

File photo of large bladder stones removed by open incision. These have a “jackstone” appearance.

Photo of staghorn kidney stone

File photo of a large “staghorn” kidney stone removed intact by open surgery. The various parts of this stone fill up an entire kidney’s central collecting system, giving it a characteristic shape appearing similar to a deer’s antlers. Stones this size are not commonly seen intact anymore as most are now treated percutaneously and broken up before being removed.

Photo of staghorn kidney stone

File photo of another large “staghorn” stone removed by open surgery.


362 Responses to Kidney stone gallery

  1. Judy says:

    I am a stone former too and have been for 30 years. I have had over 20 and I have passed half of them with the rest removed by lithotripsy, ureteroscopy, and PNL surgery. I have had several 24 urine chemistry tests specially called Super Saturation tests. The results show what type of kidney stones I am forming. Mine are the common ones called calcium oxalate. Much has changed the last two years regarding how to prevent them besides meds there is a special diet. I have found out I have been eating the wrong food which helps to make my kidney stones. If you google “low oxalate diet” you will find the best website regarding kidney stone prevention from the University of Chicago Medical Center. It is tells you all the veggies and grains that you can’t eat (all meats and fish are ok) besides the obvious foods such as almonds/nuts, spinach/beets, chocolate. I didn’t know that potatoes, beans, raspberries, oranges, etc where bad for me. There is a long list of food with high oxalate levels that are to be avoided. (I do eat some of them on holidays or on vacation.) This site is also interactive….you can ask questions of the MD and the dietitian!! Yes, you still have to drink water and also take in moderate amounts of calcium too. Check out this website it’s great. Good luck!

  2. john newton says:

    hi i just like to say i know how every one feels. im 64 years old. and i have been fighting kidney stones off and on for 60 years.. and right now i have stones in both kidneys. one is 1.2 and the other is 3.6. i have been waiting on the v.a. doctors. for nearly two months. and they are draging there dam feet. so i say to you all. hope you dont get them anymore.

    • Maria says:

      God bless you. I can relate to the pain you have. Keep bugging them daily.

    • Anna Fontanez says:

      Did you get your VA team to take care of those stones yet..

    • Gare says:

      No need to wait for DOCS John, be pro-active and dissolve those stones YourSelf by drinking ample quantities(1\2 oz per lb body weight) of pure water daily, distilled is best. In addition to drinking abundant water fast until all Your pains disappear.

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